Blood shift is a detective visual novel with interesting clue mechanics.

Decisions can turn the tide, be careful.

Suffering from the amnesia and given the night shift at the blood bank. Would you be able to tie all pieces and find a way out?

The game was created for Vampire Jam and part of the Dark Pack agreement.


- You can select answers using your mouse by pressing the left key

- During the clue mechanics, drag and drop photos and phrases to build right chain and correct inference

-Reboot your browser or game to start over

The music and arts were created by us during the jam, ingame sounds (footsteps, doors etc) were taken from here.

Our team:

Vladislav Barsamov | TriBar -  lead, programming, narrative design, writing
Vladimir Moskalev | Xitriyknyaz - writing, sound design, music
Nick Scotch | Shad(o)w - art, writing, music

It's our first jam and first game, so we hope you enjoy it!

Known Issues:

The browser version might have bugs in detective mode if the browser tab is changed. Standalone windows version available.


- Typos fixed (thanks for all the feedback!).

- Added builds for Mac and Linux, no option to test them unfortunately :(
Please let us know if they work or not.


Download 46 MB
Download 46 MB
Download 46 MB

Development log


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Blood Shift had such a great idea, and the visuals were stunning! I found the mechanic of "combining polaroids with sentences to form a logical statement" super cool!

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this game was great and I enjoyed every bit of it but I just have one question of how many endings are there? I've only seen 3 and I don't know if I have gotten them all or not

Cheer! Thank you for playing and giving us your feedback, and yes, there are two main ones and one "secret", so yeah, you got them all!

Seems like my cup of tea. Downloaded

We hope you enjoyed it :)

for visual novel it's lack of "skip read" feature and the ability to change text speed

i love love loved this game! very atmospheric, i love this cozy detective atmosphere. great story, and unique mechanic. great job! think i got all the endings :D

Atmosphere is one of the things we wanted to pull off, it feels good to
know that it worked for your playthrough and big thanks for your kind feedback!

Hey o/
Loved the art and sound of your game. The story was fun. Well made overall. 

I've encountered some typos while playing, but you may have fixed them since, as admittedly I played this a couple of days ago. 

The clues mechanic I'm not too sure how one could fail that. I might just not have a lot of imagination, but I wish that arriving at a "wrong" clue would be easier and that the game didn't just tell me that my combination makes no sense and that I should try again. Had the clues mechanic break on me a little on the web version, but you did warn people about it happening, so it is kind of my fault for going with the web version :D 

Good job!


Oh, thanks for the feedback! We are glad that the amtphosphere is working!

Yes, we have already fixed a few typos, I hope there are only a few left :)

The desktop version works more stable, that's for sure, but html is quite working.


Thank you so much for playing the game! Really glad you've enjoyed it! 
We think of working on another small game since the responses were great so far.
Regarding the Regnant thing, this is in fact sort of a last minute change we did for style, but it seems to be the correct term -
Maybe it is not a proper one lore wise, but it's kinda sounded better than Domitor and also the fact it is considered archaic applies to that the guy whishing to be called like that is weird in some way. 

You know, the weirdest thing for me is that I pronounced that word correct, despite never seeing it before. And hey, I got to learn something new :D

Hey! Really enjoyed the game, the arranging the clues mechanic was unique and worked well. I liked the style of the art and had a load of fun. I played it on my stream lastnight and have uploaded that to youtube, i hope you don't mind! 

Thank you for playing our game, it always feels good to see genuine reaction!

And thanks for covering the jam games, that's very cool!

It was great fun to play, the pleasure was mine. Good luck in the jam, its an excellent game!